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Communications Director

Communications Director


Ministry Area/DepartmentCommunication
PositionCommunications Director
Accountable ToExecutive Pastor
Ministry TargetAll People
Position IsPaid 
Position May Be Filled ByChurch member
Minimum Maturity LevelStable, maturing Christian
Spiritual GiftsAdministration • Pastor/shepherd
Talents or Abilities DesiredGood organizational skills • Teaching • Ability to motivate people •
Best Personality TraitsDependable • Expresser-leader
Passion ForPeople being connected in the church and moving forward in Christ
Length of Service Commitmentone year minimum


Anticipated Time Commitments


  • Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: 40+ hours weekly




Main Responsibility: Clearly communicate vision and information in a compelling way


  1. Incredible Videos/ Graphics
  • Video Production
    • Announcements 
    • Sermon Bumper Video
  • Graphics
  • Photography


  1. Lead phenomenal Online Presence
  • Website management
  • Online sermons
  • Live stream
  • Podcasts


  1. Manage all communication outlets
  • All church emails
  • Social Media
  • Bulletins / Handouts
  • Posters / Banners / etc.


  1. Provide compelling digital outreach & marketing
  • Social media Ads
  • Billboards
  • etc.


  1. Providing marketing, graphics, and video for CCA


  1. Oversee and manage Communications budget


Communications Director:

Mission: to creatively spread the message of Jesus and vision of the church through all facets of media to all those who have yet to hear.

The Communications director is responsible for the look, content, and feel of everything distributed, communicated and seen at City Church, it’s ministries, and academy. This includes but is not limited to: graphics, website, videos, emails, social media, and our overall presence in our community. (See Appendix)


Requirements for position:

  • College Degree in Marketing
  • Fluent in Photoshop
  • Fluent in Final Cut or Adobe Premiere
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office suit
  • Fluent in web design software
  • Fluent in Audio editing and podcast promotion
  • Proper understanding of google analytics, facebook, and overall media advertising


A church communications director:

Educates — those trained in theology, Greek, etc., as well as those in the pew, on the effective use of marketing and communications strategies in “church work.”

Recruits — volunteers and others to assist in their work.

Trains — others for the work he/she just recruited them for.

Produces — a church’s communications materials: worship guides, brochures, Internet sites, etc. This is the aspect that everyone sees and expects to see come out of their office.

Leads — others and provides leadership in strategy and ideas. (Leadership is one of the areas I am working to improve myself in this year.)


Responsibilities and tasks of position:

  • Web site(s)
    • Google analytics
  • Print production
    • Handouts, posters, banners
  • Marketing and advertising
    • Facebook and google ads, mailouts, etc.
  • Photography
    • responsible for photography and proper filing of church photos
  • Video production 
    • Video announcements, bumpers, recaps, etc.
    • Sermons on website (Audio/Video)
  • Graphics – for print & media
  • Social Media
  • Oversight of marketing
    • leadership development, volunteer coordination, oversight of budget, knowledge of current marketing statistics and demographics

Appendix 1

A church communications director wears many hats including that of a:

  • Community Reporter — As a communications director, you will inevitably become the hub of information about events and activities in your church. As people realize this, they will come to you to figure out when or where stuff is.
  • Graphic Designer — Someone has to design the church bulletins, website etc..
  • Public Relations Practitioner — You’ll write the releases about your big Fourth of July Celebration and give ideas to reporters for stories.
  • Media Liaison — You’ll help schedule and coordinate media interviews and sometimes even escort camera crews around your building as they interview your people or sit in on your worship services.
  • Image Guardian — This could probably be lumped into another job role, but I prefer to separate it here. As a comm. director, I feel I’m in charge of preserving (and promoting) our church’s image in the community. Everything I do sends a message — both to our people and those outside our fellowship. When producing media for my church, I ask myself constantly, “How will this be viewed by a guest, or someone in our community?”
  • Marketing/Advertising Coordinator — Get ready for the yellow book salespeople, they’re coming already! You’ll have an opportunity to install strategy — often with abysmal promotional budgets — for reaching your community with your church’s message.
  • Copy Editor — I’ve learned you better carefully weed out those errors in the bulletin before they’re distributed to 1,500 people on Sunday. What you do is seen by everybody. And they quickly find out who you are, what you look like, and make suggestions about everything you do. (Of course, a great many will also stop you in the hall and thank you for the work you’re doing.)
  • Photographer — Have a digital camera surgically attached to your hand for all the events you’ll cover.
  • Web Site Designer/Webmaster (aka Webminister) — I invest a ton of time into this technological tool. More and more, people are looking to the Web for information. I find this job function to be one with near limitless potential in reaching people with the Gospel without pouring out a lot of money. It just takes time and sweat. A good servant-hearted volunteer helps too! [See the 20 things I learned from redesigning my church’s Website]
  • Information Technology (Yikes!) — Although it might not be in most communication director’s job description, if you know how to turn on a computer and then operate it with relative ease, you’ll get asked to troubleshoot everyone’s tech issues (especially if you’re the “Internet guy” or “gal”).
  • Firefighter — Put out fires, leap tall buildings, accept complaints with a smile … oh, and occasionally, walk on water.
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