City Church Freedom Groups are a 2-part experience made up of a 13-week small group and a 2-day Freedom Conference. Freedom helps you renew your mind in the context of relationships through small groups, and then experience the power of the Holy Spirit in a life changing 2-day experience.

Freedom will help you get free from unforgiveness, rejection, shame, heaviness, depression, and more. You will discover how much God loves you and gain a fresh and close relationship with Him.

New Freedom Groups will start the first week of September 2019

Freedom equips believers to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give us by overcoming the past and laying a foundation for walking in daily freedom.
Freedom Curriculum

Freedom Conference

Freedom Conference is a 2-day conference which deals with root causes of spiritual bondage. These events will start in worship, teaching times, followed by individual prayer with specially-trained Prayer Team members. The topics covered during the conference are in a strategic progression: All-In - Pride/Control, Fear, Rejection, Purity, Abuse, Shame, Heaviness and Anger, Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Freedom Conference is different from “one-time deliverance” type experiences that you may be familiar with - in that participants have learned tools and truths in their small group to maintain the Freedom that they experience at the conference – they receive power from the Holy Spirit and they have built relationships with others who have experienced Freedom!

Dates for conference coming soon!

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