City Fest is still on!

You're going to have a blast and we ain't "Lion"!

Join us for a Drive-Movie night.

We will be showing The Lion King (2019). You'll also enjoy prizes, candy, and more!

Don't worry. We'll be following CDC guidelines. Keep scrolling for more info.


Don't Miss It!

Located at 1711 S Orange Blvd, Sanford Florida.

October 28th


7PM - 9:30PM

Drive-In Movie Experience

We will be showing The Lion King (2019). Learn more about how we will be doing our best to follow CDC guidelines by clicking below.


Candy, Prizes and More!

Enjoy concessions, fun games and enticing prizes. We will have a brief intermission with a fun surprise to make your night even more enjoyable.


You've got questions and we've got answers!

Is there going to be social distancing in place?

We are doing our best to adhere to CDC guidelines by providing a lower risk activity via drive-in movie.

For more info on CDC guidelines on how to spend your Halloween this year, visit

What should I expect?

Once you pull into the property, signs and volunteers will direct you through the parking lot and to your space on the field.

We will be viewing the evening’s movie along with previews on a large screen located on the field. Audio will be heard on your FM Station which will be announced to you upon arrival.

You will be able to bring lawn chairs and sit towards the right side of your vehicle if you desire. We ask that you remain within the vicinity of your vehicle at all times.

As always, City Church would like to be a good neighbor. We also ask that there will be no honking or cranking up the volume should you decide to sit on your lawn chairs.

When should I get there?

We recommend that you start arriving at 6:30pm to account for parking and concessions. We will begin promptly at 7:10pm.

Does this event cost money?

No! It is absolutely free of charge. We just want you to have a good time!

Will there be concessions?

Yes! We have the option of popcorn, candy and water available to you at no cost. To make sure we are respectful of social distancing, we will have volunteers bring the concessions to your car.

You are also welcome to bring your own concessions.

We ask that you not litter. Please discard of any trash you accumulate off property.

Will the church building be open to the public?

No. Our church building will not be open to those attending City Fest Drive-In. We will have porta-potties for those that have to use the restroom.

Can my child dress up?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s strongly encouraged to come dressed in the theme of the night. After all, everyone is part of the circle of life!

*In case you didn’t catch that, our theme of the night is The Lion King! 😉

Join the City Fest Team

Here are a few ways you can be a part of one of bringing some joy to our community during this season.

All we ask from you is to...

SERVE. Volunteer at the event for the night.
SOW. Donate some candy so the kiddos don't go home empty handed!
SMILE. We're going through some tough times and we want to give our kids a night of fun they will always remember.

Sign up to volunteer by clicking the button below.

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